UNSW and UCSI University say yes to joint research

SYDNEY: UNSW and UCSI University have pledged to foster collaboration, training and knowledge sharing, particularly in the areas of RNA research, vaccines and therapeutic development.

The partnership was formalised via a memorandum of understanding between the UNSW RNA Institute and UCSI’s Centre for Excellence for Research, Value Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

“We are very excited with the opportunity to collaborate with UCSI,” said UNSW RNA Institute director Pall Thordason.

“Together, we hope to significantly shape the landscape of RNA technologies and therapeutics, creating a substantial impact on human welfare across our region.

Prof Dr Lionel In Lian Aun said that the partnership would boost UCSI’s international research network, providing new opportunities for students and staff.

“UCSI is a strong advocate of international collaboration,” he said. “We are eagerly looking to work together with UNSW to advance RNA research and arrive at consequential findings.

“We are confident such high-impact partnerships will have a spillover effect on our research scene.”

UNSW’s RNA Institute is a world-class RNA science, therapeutics and translational facility. Established with a $25 million investment from UNSW, the Institute seeks to build NSW’s capability to research, develop and manufacture RNA-based therapeutics locally. Malaysia is Australia’s second-largest trading partner among ASEAN member states. The activities that follow this MoU will contribute further efforts that enhance bilateral and regional health initiatives.

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