International Degree Pathways

International Degree Programme (IDP) offers students the flexibility of transferring courses undertaken at UCSI University to various international universities. Other than the option to transfer credits, IDP enables students to obtain a degree from any of UCSI’s partner universities.

Through IDP, it allows aspiring students from all walks of life the opportunity to obtain a foreign degree after spending the initial one to two years at UCSI. By transferring from UCSI to any preferred partner university, students will save up on cost as opposed to starting their first year in a foreign country.

That’s not all.

In this programme, students will be exposed to the cultural immersion and in-depth academic experience. Experiencing international learning and the opportunity to acquire a degree from any foreign university are amongst the benefit UCSI’s IDP has to offer. Get to know us and we will show you what an exhilarating academic journey is like.


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